Learn about faraway lands through new flavors.

Her Recipe Expert features a unique collection of recipes inspired by places around the world the kids and I have visited, plus the recipes I grew up on.

Taking a cooking class in Phuket, Thailand.

We found that as outsiders in a country, knowing so little about the culture, we could at the least connect to it through food. Experiencing local food tends to connect you at a deeper level to the place you are visiting. 

Recipes and cooking techniques are often passed down from generation to generation. Some dishes tell a story of an entire nation, while others are more specific to a small group. Some countries specialize in a particular food type based on local availability or historical factors, whereas others avoid certain foods due to prominent religious beliefs. Some local dishes have stayed the same for hundreds of years, while others have changed as a result of outside influence.

Having Italian food in Greece.

After our trips, I would want to experience the food again but it would be next to impossible to find. That’s how these recipes came to life, my attempts at recreating the food we were wowed by during a trip 

Now you too can take your friends and family on a journey to learn about faraway lands through new flavors right from your table through food using these recipes.