Baked Wine Chicken Casserole

Baked Wine Chicken recipe

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Baked Wine Chicken is delicious and it is such an easy chicken dish to prepare. Plus, it’s a great way to polish off that bottle of wine you don’t want to finish.

Baked wine chicken an easy chicken recipe with stuffing, Swiss cheese and wine. My friend Melissa was so kind to send this Baked Wine Chicken Casserole home to us when I was down and out after having major surgery a few months ago. It was so good and perfect for the situation. I just made it again last night and now I make it for others when they need a meal. So, obviously, I highly recommend it as a go to recipe when you need to send a meal to someone.

Don’t worry about what kind of white wine to use. I always just use whatever I have on hand and it always turns out great. You can always use cooking wine as well. There is just something about the combination of wine and Swiss cheese. Hope y’all like it too!

Baked Wine Chicken Recipe



Swiss Cheese

White wine

1 can Cream of Chicken soup

1 Box of Croutons or Stovetop Stuffing


Place 4- 9 chicken breasts or thighs in a casserole dish.Wine baked chicken

Combine 1 can of cream of chicken soup and a 1/4 cup white wine, pour over chicken and top with a slice of swiss cheese.

Top with croutons (one package or stovetop stuffing) and drizzle with about 1/4 cup melted butter.Wine baked chicken with swissWine baked chicken

Cover with foil and bake at 325 for 30-40 mins.

Baked Wine Chicken Casserole Recipe

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