Cherry bourbon cocktail

Bourbon Cherry Coke Cocktail

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Cheers to the weekend! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love a good cherry cocktail. This bourbon cherry coke cocktail is super simple and pretty much anyone will love it.

Thankfully, it’s cherry season in the Pacific Northwest which means our cherry tree is full of them. I decided to use a few in a cocktail and it turned out great. Feel free to leave out the sugar unless you want a super sweet drink. 

Bourbon Cherry Coke Cocktail Recipe

4 oz Jim Beam or other bourbon
1 ¼ cups fresh cherries, pitted
1 tsp. sugar
12 oz cold coca cola

Remove the seeds from the cherries and dice. 
Place in a large glass and muddle together the bourbon, cherries and sugar until you have a pulp.
Add to a bar shaker and shake to mix. 
Strain the liquor mix into 2 glasses. 
Top off with cola. 
Garnish with cherries and mint leaves.


This is such a simple cocktail that it’s easy to change it up depending on what ingredients you have on hand. 

Give it a kick of vanilla by using Crown Royal Vanilla. 

You do not have to use regular coke. You can use Cherry Coke or Diet Coke. 

Bourbon Cherry Coke Cocktail recipe

For a whiskey to be bourbon, its mash (the mixture of grains from which the product is distilled) must contain at least 51% corn. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, the distillate must be stored in charred new oak barrels at 125 proof or less, and it cannot contain any additives.

Also, I know what you are thinking. Why is Crown Royal in the photo? I was making several cocktails that day and posed the wrong spirit with the drink. Crown Royal is made in Canada therefore it cannot be bourbon. 

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