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Cherry Mojito Recipe

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This delicious cherry mojito recipe will show you exactly how to make a mojito with a cherry twist and what mojito ingredients you will need.
cherry mojitoHave you ever wanted to know how to make a mojito? It turns out how to make mojitos is fairly easy and so worth it.

We have a cherry tree in our front yard that grows 4 different types and cherries and I’ve tried this mojito recipe with all of them. For the sake of research, of course. So, with that said you can use any type of cherries and this mojito will turn out good. Also, sometimes instead of club soda I substitute Sprite Zero.

Cherry Mojito Recipe

Mojito Ingredients 
– Simple Syrup
– 5 Cherries, stems removed, pitted
– 1 Lime
– 6 Mint leaves
– 1oz Bacardi
– 1oz Cherry Rum
– Club Soda
– Ice

-Fresh Cherries minced
-Lime wheels cut in half
-Mint leaves

Cherry Mojito Directions:
In a bar shaker, add cherries, mint leaves, rum’s and simple syrup.
Muddle to release the juices from the mint and cherries.
Add ice
Top with soda water.
Garnish with limes, mint leaves, and cherries

Serving size is 1 8oz glass

mojito recipe

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Cherry MojitoCherry Mojito cocktail Cherry Mojito Recipe

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