16 Crockpot Recipes

17 Crockpot Recipes

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Slowcooker meals are the best. Here are 16 crockpot recipes the whole family is sure to enjoy, including soups, Tex-Mex meals, chicken meals, and more.

Do you love to cook? I go through phases of life where I really enjoy cooking, but for the most part this just isn’t the case. I am busy and cooking is often times just one more thing I “have” to do. I think that’s why I am so obsessed with using my crockpot.

I like to throw everything into the slow cooker and come back to a ready to eat meal. All of these are tried and true recipes that my family and I love. I hope you and your family will love them too!

16 Crockpot recipes including soups, Tex-Mex Meals, Chicken Dishes and more.

Do you have a favorite crockpot meal you make for your family? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. I am always on the look out for good easy meals to make for my family. 

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