Disney Hot Summer Heat

Disney Hot Summer Heat Cocktail

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You can find this cocktail at the Coca-Cola rooftop bar in Disney Springs.  If you haven’t been to Disney Springs since they redid it you are in for a surprise. It’s so great! This Disney copycat recipe for their Hot Summer Heat Cocktail is also super fun cause it has boba pearls in it! If you are a boba fan you are going to love this boba cocktail!

Now, if you happened on to this post because you were reaching the hot summer heat at Disneyland or Disney World I know the answer. It’s crazy pants hot. Plan to hit the pool every single day. Better yet, go to a waterpark!

Disney Hot Summer Heat

Yield: 1 8 oz glass
Prep Time: 4 min
Total Time: 4 min

1 oz Jack Daniels Fire
1 oz Smirnoff
4 oz Fanta Soda
1 oz Grenadine
2 tbsp. Boba Pearls

Disney Hot Summer HeatDirections:
1st Layer
Fill your glass 3⁄4 of the way full with ice.
Add the Grenadine liquor to the glass.
Add 1 tbsp. Boba
Lightly stir to mix
In a large cocktail shaker add the Crown, Gin, Pina Colada juice, and Strawberry Banana juice.
Shake to combine
Pour the mixture into the glass.
Garnish with Boba and enjoy!

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