halloween caramel apples
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Halloween Caramel Apples

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Halloween caramel apples are a must at any Halloween party. They are easy to make and everyone always loves them.

halloween caramel applesHalloween Caramel Apples

Ingredients :

6+ Granny Smith Apples or Gala apples, large

2 bags of caramels

2 TBSP water

1 package of candy sticks

1 bag chopped peanut bits

1 bag of orange candy melts

1 bag of purple candy melts

Making Halloween apples: 

Some grocery store apples have a wax coating. You will want to remove the coating before starting to make the caramel apples.

The easiest way to remove the wax coating is to dip your apples in a pot of boiling water for a short amount of time. When you remove the apples, one at a time, from the pot of water, use a rough cloth to wipe the remaining wax off of the apples.

Set aside to allow your apples to cool. (Make sure that your apples are dry). Push a stick into the core of each of the apples. Cover each of your cookie sheets with wax paper, taping down each end. Spray the lined cookie sheets with baking spray.

Next, unwrap your caramels and put them in a glass bowl with 2 tablespoons of water, and put it in your microwave.

This is the time-consuming part, put the bowl of caramels and water in your microwave cooking on high for 2 minutes, stir and then return to the microwave for another minute, continue repeating this process until the caramel is fully melted.

Pick up each apple by the candy stick with a fork under the bottom of the apple dipping it into the melted caramel. If necessary use a spoon to cover the apple with the caramel.

Place each dipped apple on the wax paper-lined cookie sheet. When your apples are done place them in your refrigerator to cool for about 5 minutes.

Dip each caramel-covered apple into the bowl of peanut bits and roll the sides of the apple in the apple bits. Place back on the wax paper.

Return to the refrigerator for 15 minutes or until the candy is firm on the apples.

Melt the purple and orange candy melts in separate bowls in the microwave, one at a time. When the orange candy is melted completely (following the previous steps) pour it into a plastic squeeze bottle and drizzle each apple and set it aside to cool in the refrigerator.

Next, melt the purple candy melts and pour it into another plastic squeeze bottle and drizzle the purple candy on each apple. Return to the refrigerator until the purple melted candy is hardened.

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