Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Mickey Mouse chocolate covered strawberries are simple to make and the kids will adore them. Mickey Mouse strawberries are perfect for a Disney party.

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered StrawberriesWe had so much fun making Mickey Mouse Oreo treats that we’ve made another Mickey inspired treat, Mickey Mouse Strawberries!

This time we made Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries. These are easy to make and perfect for a Mickey Mouse birthday party or any type of Disney party.

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Strawberries



1 bag of Ghirardelli melting wafers

1 bag of red candy melts

1 C yellow M&M

1 bag of mini Oreos

Wax paper

Cookie sheet

Two small pots


Tear off a sheet of wax paper and place it on the cookie sheet, set sheet next to the stove where you will place your pots.

Fill the bottom pot 1/4 with water and place the other pot on top.

Pour in the Ghirardelli Melting wafers into the top pot and turn the heat to medium. (Or just microwave)

Stir with a spoon until melted and dip in a strawberry.

Place the strawberries onto the wax paper.
Repeat process until all strawberries are dipped or no more chocolate.

Place in the fridge for a few minutes while you clean the top pot, a minimum of 20 minutes in the fridge

Pull out the strawberries and set next to the stove.

Add the candy melts to the clean pot and mix until melted.

Dip the strawberry halfway so that the red looks like “pants”.

Place strawberry onto wax paper and add two yellow M&M’s.

Repeat process till all strawberries are dipped in the red candy melts.

Take 1 mini oreo and pull apart.

Scrape off the filling.
Add a tiny amount of the candy melt to the bottom of the mini oreo and place on the chocolate part of the strawberry for “ears”.

Place strawberries back in the fridge for another 20 minutes then ENJOY!

Makes 12-18 Mickey Mouse strawberries depending on the size of the strawberry.

Mickey Mouse Strawberries Recipe



Bonus Recipe!

We had so much fun creating these themed strawberries that we ended up making Mickey Mouse Bark too! It’s just as cute as the strawberries and it uses many of the same exact ingredients. 

Mickey Mouse Bark Recipe

Mickey Mouse Bark
1 bag of Ghiradelli dark chocolate melting wafers 
1 bag of red candy melts
1 bag of yellow candy melts
1 bag of white candy melts
1 bag of mini Oreos
1/2 C brown M&M’s
wax paper
8×8 cookie sheet
2 small pots 
disposable piping bag
Optional: Wooden Skewer
Using the small pots, pour 3 cups of cold water into one of the pots and place on the stove on high heat
Once the water starts to boil, place the second pot on top with the chocolate wafers in the pot. 
While the chocolate is melting, tear off a sheet of wax paper and lay it on the cookie sheet. 
Mix the chocolate with a spoon and once it is melted pour the chocolate on the cookie sheet. 
place in the freezer for 20 minutes. 
While that is in the freezer, wash the pan and let dry. 
Pull out the cookie sheet and set it on the counter. 
Take the same pot, dry any water spots, and pour in the white candy melts
Stir the candy melts when they start to melt and continue stirring until fully melted
Pour on top of the cooled chocolate and smooth out using a rubber spatula 
In the same pot, add the yellow candy melts and melt, once melted, pour in a bowl
Repeat previous step with the red candy melts
Pour the two colors into their own disposable piping bags. 
Cut the tips of the bags
Pipe thick lines across the white layer and once lines have been added, take a wooden skewer, or butter knife and pull through the candy melt to create a ‘winged’ design on the bark
Add a mini oreo for Mickey’s head and then two M&M for the ears
Scatter some red and yellow M&M’s around the barkHow to make Mickey Mouse Bark

Put back into the fridge for another 20 minutes before pulling out and breaking into pieces.

Mickey Mouse Bark Recipe

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