How to make Monster Donuts

DIY Easy Monster Donuts

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It’s almost Halloween! One super fun way to celebrate is Halloween themed food like these Monster Donuts. These monster donuts are super easy to make, in fact they are so easy to create your kids can easily put them together. They are the perfect Halloween treat and fun kid activity.  

How to Make Monster Donuts

Ingredients:Monster Donut ingredients

1 package of the following:

Candy Melts – whatever colors you like

Prepackaged dozen donuts (glazed, cake, yeast, powdered, whatever you like!)

candy corn

candy eyeballs

fun Halloween sprinkles

plastic vampire teeth

a few teaspoons of olive or coconut oil

sandwich size zip bags

(I was able to find everything I needed at Walmart)


  1. Add ¾ cup of candy melts and 1 tsp of oil in a small microwavable dish. Heat in 30-second intervals stirring after each until smooth. (Do this for each individual color)
  2. Spoon chocolate mixture onto donut to coat and decorate as desired. Place candy corn for teeth or use the vampire’s teeth.
  3. Add chocolate mixture to zip lock bags then snip the corner off to use like a piping bag for mummy effect, polka-dots, stripes, and more. You can also dot a small amount on the back of the eyes to “glue” them on.
  4. Use your creativity and have fun! Let the kids decorate their own!
  5. Let sit a room temperature for about 10 minutes to fully “set up”. Store in an airtight container for up to one week.

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