Texsa Style Potato Salad

Texas Style Potato Salad

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Texas Style Potato Salad recipe is sure to wow your guests at your next BBQ or potluck. It’s easy to make and delicious.potato SaladGrowing up in Texas means that we are super picky about our potato salad. We basically can’t even bring ourselves to eat store bought potato salad. I’ve been making the same recipe forever and made it just a couple of days ago for a BBQ we hosted. I think it is just a variation of mustard potato salad, but my friends up here call it Texas style since I am from Texas. It goes great with this simple BBQ Chicken.

This recipe makes a lot, so if you only need enough to go with one meal cut the recipe in half.

Texas Style Potato Salad Recipe

Texas Style Potato Salad Ingredients:

8 potatoes

4 eggs

4 tbs chopped pickles

1 tbs pickle juice

4 stalks of celery

1/2 an onion, chopped



Celery Salt




Texas Style Potato Salad Directions:

Wash the potatoes well and then boil them until soft. While the potatoes are boiling, chop the celery, pickles, and onion. When potatoes are soft dice them and added to the celery, onion, and pickles. Boil the eggs and then chop up and add to potatoes. Stir in enough mayonnaise to lightly coat the potatoes. Add a bit of mustard to give it a yellow tint. Add salt, pepper, and celery salt to taste. Add one tablespoon of pickle juice and mix everything well. Sprinkle paprika over the top and serve chilled.

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