Unicorn bark is easy to make and an adorable treat for all unicorn lovers.
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Unicorn Bark

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Unicorn bark is easy to make and an adorable treat for unicorn lovers. This unicorn bark is the perfect addition to any unicorn party.

How to make unicorn bark

Unicorn bark is easy to make and an adorable treat for unicorn lovers.

If you have followed along with our family for long you know that Eden loves unicorns. Her unicorn, Mr. Hinkley, has travel the world with us for years now. At her birthday parties all she receives is unicorn presents! In fact at Christmas time I was trying hard to come up with unicorn gifts she did not already own and wrote an entire unicorn gift guide! This year for her birthday I plan to go all out with unicorn themed food. This is just the first of many unicorn recipes I plan to publish. This recipe is so easy you kids could make it themselves! If you had the right size microwave safe dish, you could possibly create this recipe using just your microwave. I hope your kids love this unicorn bark as much as mine did!

Unicorn Bark

1 bag of white candy melts
1 bag of purple candy melts
1 bag of pink candy melts
1 bag of blue candy melts
1 bag of each pink, blue, and purple sixlets
1 container of each pink and purple sugar sprinkles
12 pieces of the rainbows, horseshoe and heart from a box of lucky charms
wax paper
cookie sheet
Cut out a piece of wax paper to fit the bottom of the cookie sheet
Melt the white candy melts using a double boiler
Pour onto the cookie sheet with the wax paper
Melt the purple candy melts and then dollop some purple around the white candy melt
Melt the pink candy melts and the dollop around the white and purpleUnicorn bark
Do the same with the blue candy melt
Take a butter knife or toothpick and swirl all the candy melts combined
Sprinkle the sixlets, marshmallows and sprinkles all over the bark
Put in fridge for 15 minutes until hardened
Break into pieces and enjoy!
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