Alea Hawaiian Cocktail

Violet Hawaiian Cocktail

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Enjoy a special treat with this Violet Hawaiian Cocktail made with violet liqueur, wild berry liqueur, and more.

I consider Hawaii to be a paradise and this Violet Hawaiian cocktail tastes like paradise. Fun fact: there are seven species of violets native to the Hawaiian Islands.

Violet Hawaiian Cocktail

Yield; 1 8 oz glass
Prep Time: 3 min
Total Time: 3 min

1 oz Purple Violet Liqueur
1 oz Wild Berry Liqueur
1 oz Gin
3 oz Grape Juice
2 oz Sprite
1 tsp. Simple syrup

Alea Hawaiian Cocktail

Fill your glass with ice
In a bar shaker, add the berry liqueur, gin, grape juice and simple syrup.
Shake to combine.
Add the sprite on top of the berry liquor mixture.
Top with Violet liqueur
Garnish and enjoy

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Violet Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe Violet Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe

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